OVA8 26cm borstel

Deze borstel komt zonder jets, keuze uit fan jets of pencil jets: zie jet kits.

Product Description

This 10" Medium Dual Bristle brush allows up to four movable jets, giving you the option of having water spraying from the ends or the centre of the brush, or both if you opt for the 4 x jet pack. Fan jets or Pencil Jets, the choice is yours, both allow you to rinse and clean at the same time!

The quick-release socket allows you to connect to any of the OVA8.

Key Features,

  • Quick Release OVA8 Connector
  • Universal socket screw holes allowing for other brush sockets to be attached.
  • Dual Bristle
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Up to 4 removable jets. Option of fan or pencil jets.