Streamline ECOSTREAM 700 TWIN


  • All Components Housed Neatly On The Tank.
  • 2x Streamflo™ 100psi Pump With Streamline® Digital Controller
  • 2x Robust Metal Hose Reel With Lock Mechanism
  • 2x Streamline® SFC16 Digital Controller With Battery Voltage Level
  • 2x Streamline® Pump 12v 100psi /4.5lpm c/w Inline Filter
  • 2x Streamline® Lithium-Ion Compact Removable Battery With USB Port To Charge Your Phone (7-8hr Continuous Run Time / 5hrs Charge Time)
  • 2x Fixed Hose Reel With 100mtr Of 6mm Streamline® Hose And Microbore Couplings.
  • 1x Sided Z-Profile Securing Flange